Osaka Pro Tour LTD – Power Frame /Soft Touch


Osaka Pro Tour LTD – Power Frame /Soft Touch

With this Osaka padel racket, you get a racket with a good balance between control and power. This is due to the combination of the “power frame” and the medium density foam used in the racket core. In addition, you have an intermediate balance and Osaka’s “take” on the traditional drop shape.

The aforementioned reshaped form gives this racket better durability and better structural stability. In addition, Osaka has developed this padel racket in quality materials and used superior technology.

Medium Density EVA Foam is the medium density foam used for the core. This foam has a fast recovery and a soft “feel”. In addition, this foam gives this padel racket a larger sweet spot!

Two-tube carbon fiber frame is the technology behind the frame structure, where the frame is built from two carbon tubes. These two tubes are made of 100% Japanese carbon, which gives this racquet better stiffness and durability.

3D Geometric Side Profile is Osaka’s specially designed frame profile that improves stability and stiffness.

3D Surface is the technology behind this paddle racket’s textured surface. The patterned surface provides a better spin potential.

Finally, the surface is made of an aluminum-coated 3K carbon. The aluminum-coated carbon material gives the surface superior durability and stiffness as well as a good strength-to-weight ratio.

High quality padel racket on a level of its own – buy it today!

Case included.

Colour: Metallic Black


Shape: drop
Weight: 355-375 g
Balance: High
Frame profile: 38 mm
Frame: Twin-tube Carbon
Level: Amateur / Experienced / Competitive
Player type: Power
Core: Medium Density EVA Foam
Surface: Aluminum coated 3K Carbon
Surface texture: Patterned


The Osaka Pro Tour Limited Edition is the 2021 flagship from Osaka and is an exclusive and lavish padel racket.